L.Z. Metalwork Ltd is a welding company that creates metal products for various well known establishments and individuals such as galleries, interior designers, scenery and props for theatres. The work is always to the highest quality, paying close attention to detail so the client is always satisfied with the finished product.

I am a qualified fabrication welder with a great deal knowledge of safety systems and operating welding equipment in workshops and manufacturing facilities. I am well-versed in welding to schematics and plans, including interpreting many architectural drawings.

I have been working in the metal industry for the past 22 years, working around Europe as a welder/fabricator. For 14 years I have created scenery for various theatres and in the past 4 years, I have worked in the Royal Opera House metal workshop. Finally I opened L.Z. Metalwork Ltd in 2014.

Powder coating, galvanising and chemical blackening is available on request.